What is Diabetes and its history?

Diabetes is also considered as diabetes mellitus, it is distinguished by the excessive amount of sugar present in the blood. After increasing the sugar in the blood, it trips the delivery of hormone insulin that comes from the pancreas. Insulin helps to stimulate the muscles and fat cells to remove the sugar from the blood and make the sugar level to be decreased in the blood.
Those people who have diabetes, have high glucose in their body. It only causes when the insulin present is not as produced as required or it cannot make any effect on the sugar level which is high. If talking about type1 diabetes, it is the basic stage of diabetes and consists of 5% of the excessive sugar. And in type 2 diabetes, the sugar level is very high up to 95% which is very dangerous.
From recent years, most of the scientists have searched for the diabetes problem that reveals why many of the people have the problem of diabetes but some of them are totally fine.
Glucose that presents in the blood comes from the food that we take. The food which consists of sugar if we take in an excessive amount then, we have a chance to be a diabetes person. Insulin is the hormone that presents in our body and this hormone formed by the pancreas, which helps the body to take the glucose from the food and transfer to the cells used for the energy. Taking too much glucose still present in the body as insulin doesn’t help to take all of that and that is the cause of diabetes.
The huge amount of sugar present in the body may affect the health and make the person's body weak. On the other hand, there’s not any cure for diabetes. You can only take several medicines to control or manage it and make yourself healthy. The medicine should be on a regular basis, stop taking of medicines may increase blood sugar again in the body.
When a person is in a safe condition then the diabetes is called as a touch of sugar which means a borderline or the starting of diabetes. It is not so risky and treats as a less serious matter but if any procurement is not taken for the patient, then it will be risky for the patient life. Any person can easily find if the person is having diabetes or not while keeping in mind this problem such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, eye problems, dental disease, nerve damage, foot problem.

History of Diabetes?

Diabetes is affecting people from thousands of years. At the previous time, it was known to be a fatal disease, and cause frequent urination as well as extreme thirst. The first patient that gets successful treatment was in the year1922.
If a person is having diabetes then, the sugar present in his/her body will be highly present. From the writings of ancient Hindus, the person having diabetes the ants and flies get attract to his urine. The urine becomes sweet in taste and attracts many insects in it and in this way they can easily know whether the person is having diabetes or not. The diabetes word firstly used in 250 BC and the ancient name was given to diabetes is ‘siphon’.

In the mid of the 1800s, the treatment has been started for diabetes but didn’t get successful. They just make the guess while seeing the patients is bleeding or not. According to them, the best treatment for diabetes was to make the person under dieting and restrict them to take any type of starvation diet.

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