Types and Causes of Diabetes?

Type 1 Diabetes:
The cause of type 1 diabetes is due to the lack of insulin present in the body. This insulin gets weak and unable to produce more beta cells for the pancreatic islets and finally the reason for the increase of sugar level in the body. This type 1 diabetes is to be further categorized as the idiopathic, which is immune-mediated. The insulin caused in this when the T cell-mediated attack directly to the beta cells and make huge damage to it, then the insulin gets weak to work as like normal.
 In the European as well American countries, the diabetes is caused approx. 10% of the total population. It can occur to any person suddenly doesn’t matter whether the person is healthy or not. This type of diabetes can be most affected by the children or adults that are why it is considered as juvenile diabetes, Most of the cases are of the children.
Unstable diabetes or labile diabetes is considered as Brittle diabetes. This name is similarly used for the description of the periodically swings in the sugar levels. Type1 diabetes can be transferred from the parental genes which consist of HLA genotypes, which is mostly considered to affect the risk of diabetes. A gliadin is a type of protein which is present in the gluten and helps in the maintenance of type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes:
Type 2 diabetes is distinguished by the insulin resistance, which is attached to the similarly reduced insulin secretion. The insulin is considered as the defective response of the body tissue which includes the insulin receptor. The type 2 disease is the most similar type of diabetes mellitus.
In the beginning of the type 2 diabetes, the most important abnormality is overcome by the sensitivity of insulin. At that condition, the high glucose level is to be checked and measured so the mediation should be provided to the patient to make improvement in the insulin and reduce the sugar level which is present in the liver. The patient is required to take regular medicines for diabetes to take control over it and the person can engage in their personal work without facing any type of problem.

The type 2 diabetes is also transmitted from the parental genes any of the infected genes may be the cause of the type 2 diabetes. It affects the people whose age is above 30 years and mostly present to the adults who are due to the low diet, stress problem, no physical work, and urbanization. In most of the researchers, the people who are living in China and Japan are affected by diabetes 30% of the entire population. And for the Europe and African country, 80% of the adult people are affected by the diabetes but these percent is less than Indian people.
The patients who consume more sugar drinks and their dietary factor can be harmful to develop the level of glucose in the body and may affect the health of the patient. The fat is also one of the main causes of increase in sugar level. Trans fats and saturated fat are responsible to increase the sugar. In the other hand, the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat are responsible to reduce the risk of diabetes and helpful for the patient. The regular eating of white rice is also the main cause of increasing the risk of diabetes.
 So, the person should do some physical activity daily to reduce the risk of diabetes and also make body fit. The regular exercise can decrease the risk of diabetes for more than 7% of the cases which is a huge number.

The causes are divided according to their types and their stages.
Type-1 Diabetes:
These are also called as permanent Diabetes. The body is not able to produce insulin anymore will lead to Type-1 Diabetes. This will be normal cause below 30 years and leads to several problems. It can because of high blood sugar which leads to skin infections.
Type-2 Diabetes:
It affects normally 80 to 85% of people normally of high glucose intake. Your body will get the insulin percentage which will not suffice for your body. Most probably bones get damages and nerves won’t work effectively. The overweight gain will lead to take more food intake and trouble more. Disproportionate Thirsty will make kidneys more damage due to overtime and overproduction. Urinary bladder gets smashed off due to more liquid passed inside of the body.

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