History of Diabetes?

Diabetes is affecting people from thousands of years. At the previous time, it was known to be a fatal disease, and cause frequent urination as well as extreme thirst. The first patient that gets successful treatment was in the year1922.
If a person is having diabetes then, the sugar present in his/her body will be highly present. From the writings of ancient Hindus, the person having diabetes the ants and flies get attract to his urine. The urine becomes sweet in taste and attracts many insects in it and in this way they can easily know whether the person is having diabetes or not. The diabetes word firstly used in 250 BC and the ancient name was given to diabetes is ‘siphon’.
In the mid of the 1800s, the treatment has been started for diabetes but didn’t get successful. They just make the guess while seeing the patients is bleeding or not. According to them, the best treatment for diabetes was to make the person under dieting and restrict them to take any type of starvation diet.
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