Play PUBG mobile in HD for Android users|| play PUBG in HD graphics all

Most of the users are involved in playing PUBG mobile games, and the addiction makes them play more than 3-4 hours a day. PUBG game is the most downloaded game from Play Store in 2018. What the set contains almost 1.5 GB includes additional file, and the graphics are excellent. The collection consists of a remote area of around 8*8 km, and 100 players can play in a single match. The player can select manually whether he/she wants to play solo, duo or with the squad.

Tencent Games provides a good gaming platform, and the latest updates are also offered to make the users new experience of gaming. Recently, the game included Sanhok map with new gun comprises QBZ. Bulletproof UAZ is also provided in the map with four seats.

Play PUBG game in HD graphics on Android
The game only required 4GB of ram and proper storage in the phone. Those who are playing with the high budgeted phones can easily experience PUBG mobile in HD mode, and the rest has to adjust in the balanced mode only.

The good news is that the users whose phone didn’t support PUBG game in HD can experience PUBG game in HD easily by the use of GFX Tool. This application enables the users to experience PUBG game in HD mode, and the experience should be similar with the HD graphics.

How to Get GFX Tool application in Android Mobile
The application is launched by the tsoml developer which enables the PUBG players to play the game in HD graphics in the same device. This application consists of less than 2 MB for download and easy to access. People are not aware too much about this application and are waiting for the PUBG update to provide PUBG game in HD for android users.

If you want to download GFX tool, you can get it quickly from the Play Store and save controls easily.
·        To get GFX Tool application, you have to visit the Google Play Store into your mobile and search for GFX Tool in the search box.
·        After getting the result selected, the appropriate consequence whose developer is tsoml.
·        This application is too small and convenient to run smoothly.
You can download it directly from here- 

Adjust settings for GFX Tool:
GFX application consists of all the graphics settings which can be changed manually. To play PUBG mobile game in HD for Android, you have to select the version as 0.8.1 (GP) and further improve the resolution to 1280*720. Under the Graphics, you have to pick the HD and FPS should be 60 fps. After changing the settings disable Anti-aliasing and choose a classic color in style. Also, enable the shadow which can help you to identify enemy easily. After replacing all the settings, you have to click on Accept button and click on rum game to start it.
Now, you didn’t have to change any setting, and before playing or starting PUBG mobile, you have to select the version and just run the game from the GFX tool.
This procedure can quickly help you to run the PUBG mobile game in HD mode efficiently in conventional devices, and the game will generally run without getting any problem of hang or crash.
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