Pubg latest hack/ Player Unknown Battlegrounds/ PUBG Full Detail for Beginners!!

PUBG is one of the most addictive games which we can enjoy with friends. This game was launched in Canada and later spread over different countries. Tencent games are providing PUBG to the mobile version. People are having the new craze for this game which can be available for an android, iOS or even for PCs. After the successful launching, it covers several areas with no of players.

PUBG mobile can be easily downloaded free from the Play Store. You can check the Pubg wallpaper from there to identify the real pubg game. If you want to play pubg game in your pc, there is not any pubg emulator needed because the pc version is also available online.

After the pubg update, people are more likely to play PUBG mobile game because of new excited features involved in it. There are so many complaints from the people about pubg hackers; they didn’t have any way to stop them. Keep reading to get more from this article about Pubg tricks, tips, hack and more.

PUBG Game Mode:
The game includes only two types of mode Classic and Arcade. These two modes are different but have some similarities like playing with different options include Squad, duo or solo and also contain different maps which a player can select before joining the match. Let’s cover both the mode in detail.
Classic Mode:
In this mode, the player can opt any of the two places available in the game Evangel or Miramar. The player can also select any of the five maps to include North America, Europe, Asia, South America and KRJP. Every single map contains a unique location which makes people more excited to play in the battlefield.
Arcade Mode:
Arcade mode is similar to the Classic mode but has four different options include War mode, mini-zone, quick match and sniper training. All of these are amazing modes to select and enjoy with friends.
Some interesting features that one should know while playing PUBG:
Normal Features:
        Mini Map: If you are thinking to be a pro player, you should know the exact use of Map to locate yourself in the play zone. It is also helpful to make you aware of the Red Zone which can easily knock you out. Mini Map also useful to check the footsteps of the enemy around us and to get the predicted location of them.
        Chat Box: It is also a useful thing to communicate with your teammates via chat if unable to on voice chat. The chat box contains different short inbuilt chat which can be used to say different commands while playing. It can be adjusted manually in the setting and can be changed according to your need.
        Direction: As we all knew that, there are four directions East, West, North, and South which can be subdivided as South-East, South-West, North-East, and North-West. In PUBG game, all the directions are given on top of the screen whether you are playing from mobile or PC. The one can easily locate any enemy from the degree of each direction easily.
Advanced Features:
        Peek & Fire: Most of the people are confused about this feature and seems the opponent as a hacker. This feature enables the player to look behind the window or tree only moving his/her head while the other body part remains hidden. It can be a professional thing to watch the enemy and kill them before they can do the same.
        Jump and Fire: In different games, we have noticed that most of the professional players usually jump and change their location before firing. It can be helpful to tackle the whole squad and can save you from their simple firing.

Most important queries regarding PUBG hack/ controls and pro tips which can make you play like a pro:
1-       What is the best control setting to play like a pro?
If you are one of them who wants to kill the whole squad with your playing skills then this may be helpful for you. Different players opt different setting which seems them comfortable to play. To play PUBG for mobile, you can also custom controls which can help you to fire while jumping or moving the player. If you think it may be difficult for those who are playing PUBG from mobile then check it out.
In the top of the left side, you can put fire button which you can use from you next finger after thumb and the thumb of the same finger can be used to move the player at the same time. The work of another hand can be used to jump the player and set the targeted area while using a single finger easily. 

2-      Is PUBG Hack available?
Yes, PUBG hack is spreading all around simultaneously and people are using hack version to check the position of the enemy and to fire from the wall. Many other hack versions include unlimited health and unlimited gun reload which can be helpful for them to kill the other person easily. On the other hand, if you are playing while using hack version, you will lose the whole interest of the game after a few months. We can help you to share hack links so you can experience once the real PUBG hack version easily.For pubg hack version visit or direct download from

3-      PUBG hacks for PC?
Many people are confused that the PUBG hack version is available only for mobile and there is not any hack version for PC. You can also experience PUBG hack version for PC as it can be easily available from different sources and they are helping people to use hack version of PUBG to make the game exciting with the highest number of kills. While playing PUBG from PC, it can make you easy to use different controls at a single time with different fingers and PUBG hack can make you ultimate pro player very soon.For pubg hack version visit 

4-      Pro Tips Recommended?
After communicating with different pro players, we have noticed that PUBG mobile or PUBG for PC can be played with pro skills to get chicken dinner in most of the matches. It seems like a dream to win more matches but you can make your position in the top 10 in every single match. The tips may include a few points which can be helpful while playing PUBG in mobile or PC.
        Always move your player during a match don’t make it still so the enemies can aim you easily.
        Mostly use pick and fire option to get fewer chances to be spotted by enemies.
        If you are closer to the enemies, fire along with jump or move your player to get fewer chances to be knocked out.
        Try to play the game safe at the beginning and don’t leave the enemies at the end, kill them until they kill you.
        Notice the footsteps of the enemies on the map to get their location easily.

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