How Many Types of PUBG Mobile Hack?

It is clear from the previous article that PUBG mobile hack is available and people are almost using different hack versions. People are also interested to find out the different hack versions of PUBG to know whether they are killed by the hacker or normal people. We can’t say all the players are hackers but some of them are using hack versions to get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. 

Out of different hack versions, the people have experienced some hack versions like aimbots, wallhacks, macros, and different other types. These hack types can work according to their types as aimbots can easily kill enemy whether it is far or close. This aimbots hack version cannot be easily identified whether the other person is using a hack or not. Let’s check out different kinds of hack versions as given below.

Wallhack Mods for PUBG Mobile:
The purpose of this version is to check the player behind the wall or can also be helpful to know the items which are present in the home without entering into it. It can make the loot easier and the one can easily find those things which are in requirements. Wallhack can allow you to find more items like air drops or even cars. This version can be available in APK mode for Android or iOS and can be easily downloaded from different sources or directly from here 

PUBG Mobile Aimbots hack mods:
This version allows you to kill an enemy with auto detecting enemy with auto aim. This hack mod is more in demand and the people are using this to make them easier to set aim before firing towards the enemies. The people rarely see this mod or cannot detect easily whether another person is using hack version or not. After the PUBG update, different sources are providing updated hack mods which cannot affect the game and can help you to get chicken dinner easily. If you are interested to get this version, you can check it from YouTube or can download directly from
Moreover, there are so many hack versions available for Android, iOS or even for pcs. People also experienced speed hack version which can be faster than the speed of Car. It is very difficult to kill the hacker and only possible if you are a pro player. No one can beat hack versions but they can improve their game from these hack versions to make their level increase instantly.

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