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Smule sing Duet with famous Personalities for free!! No waiting!! Whenever you want! Sing with them!!

Sing with Salman Khan!! 

Sing with DJ Bravo!! 

It can be a great chance for those who are really interested in singing and wants to perform with their favorite singer. Now, most of the people are thinking about the prize money that how much we have to pay.
If honestly say, there is nothing to pay while singing with your favorite singer. The only thing you have to do is install an application on your Android or any other device for free and sing with tour loved artist in a single duet.

Sing with Arman Malik!!

For the Singing duet, you have to install the 'Smule' application from the play store and download it in your device. This application can help you to join several artists whether you are a fan of English singer or Indian singer. The application is used worldwide to connect more people who are related to music and their joining can help to promote their skills and also beneficial for the career.

Sing with Bebe Rexha!! 

How to sing with Artists?
Now, to cure tour excitement we are providing full detail about the Smule application. This application has numerous categories which can be helpful to differentiate different categories of songs.
The first step to getting ting involved in the duet is to search the artist name and select the latest song which they have sung in the duet. After selecting, you have to join them and wait till your chance come to sing the left part of the music. This process may help you to sing different songs with different artists and can share videos with your loved one to get more popularity.
Things to keep in mind while singing:
- Always use headphones to get instant voice clarity and a good performance from tour side.
- There are some setting which is provided in the application to make the sound clarity clear. Always use magic or classic setting to get a clear and good sound.
- Don't Sing every song, select the most appropriate song which can be suitable for your voice.

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