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Patanjali Ayurveda is going to launch Sim Card while joining hands with BSNL. The main motive of the company is to spread less value data plans and switchover bigger telecom companies like Reliance Jio and Airtel. Recently, Reliance Jio has spread their network in the entire country and more than 80% people are using Jio services with low-cost data and free calling and SMS services. The offer that has been provided in the Patanjali-BSNL sim is about Rs. 5 lakh life insurance cover is to be provided along with Rs. 2.5 lakh accidental insurance for the users.

What make Patanjali-BSNL sim card different from Reliance Jio?

There are numerous companies who are already in telecommunication services but the people want to switch over to the best services that can provide high-speed data while paying fewer prices for them. The Reliance Jio has started their services while providing free service to everyone but Patanjali-BSNL is going to provide low-cost data and the price is just @144 for a single month. The people are not as excited as compare to the Reliance opening but want to check the services of Patanjali-BSNL as it has been conducted under the Yog Guru Baba Ramdev.

Patanjali-BSNL Plans/ Prices/ Validity/ other Services

Now, come to the point the basic plans that are decided for the Patanjali0BSNL sim card is about Rs. 144 only for 28 days or 1 month which contains 2 GB regular data with free calling and SMS services. Another plan that has been decided is for Rs. 792 which can contain 2 GB or regular data or total 360 GB data for the time period of 180 days or 6 months. It can be a great option to choose from the price of the sim is similar to the Reliance Jio services but everything will depend upon the Internet Speed of the data. The family plan that has been provided by Patanjali-BSNL is about Rs. 1584 which contains about 2 GB of data per day for about one year.

Status- Available or Not

If you are interested to buy Patanjali BSNL sim card and want to take their services can register for the Patanjali New Sim Card on Patanjali Family and can also give their subscription to CSC or the part-time retailer while taking your Patanjali Employee ID. The subscription may help you to provide more benefits from Patanjali ltd and can activate Patanjali sim card from the near retailers.

It can’t be forecasted about the services of Patanjali-BSNL in future but there are 40% chances that it can switch over some customers into their services. Patanjali BSNL sim card or Swadesi Samriddhi card of Patanjali can bring new exciting news to make interest of the buyers very soon to get into the telecom market soon.

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