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WhatsApp tricks and tips 2018
Most of the people didn’t know about the inbuilt features of Whatsapp which can be used on the daily basis. Every month, Whatsapp releases new features to make the users happy while using their services. Nowadays, sharing data can be a big reason for the safety purpose and after knowing the breakage of Facebook safety, everyone is aware of sharing fewer updates on social sites. There are several questions which can make any of the people confused about the safety of Whatsapp Messenger.

Latest Whatsapp feature released on June 2018/ latest whatsapp tricks and tips 
The new feature that Whatsapp is going to release is about the forwarded message where they will provide a tag to the message which was forwarded. People mostly have confusion about the forwarded and regular message and to cure this problem the new feature will be available on the new updated version of Whatsapp v2.18.179. 

Latest Hidden features of Whatsapp 2018/ WhatsApp tricks and tips for Android/ iPhone in English:
These features are most rare and unrevealed features which are known by only a few users. The people didn’t want to reveal that secret as they want to experiment with you or didn’t want anyone to use that features to become unique from other users.

·        How to delete Whatsapp message of Past week/ month/ year/ Whatsapp tricks and tips for android English:
It may be quiet interesting to know the procedure for deleting the previous message which you have sent. The Whatsapp feature only enables you to delete any of the data which you have sent within 7 minutes but if you want to delete previously sent data doesn’t matter the date and time, you have to go to date and time of the phone and change the date 2-4 minutes from the message sent date and time. You also have to disable the auto update date and time option and later restart your Whatsapp and delete that message, picture or any of the data permanently. 

·        How to check someone block you on Whatsapp or not?/ Latest WhatsApp tricks and tips June 2018
It can be possible to check whether someone has blocked you on Whatsapp or not. To check this, you have to make a new group chat while adding members along with that particular one. If the person exists in the group then he/she didn’t block you, else you are blocked!

·        How to check whether your number has been saved by another person or not?/ Whatsapp latest tricks and tips for iPhone and Android:
It can be an easy procedure to check whether your number has been saved by the other person or not. In the story portion you have to check his/her status of visible then your number is saved, else not saved!

·        How to check whom you chat the most and manage messages?/ Whatspp tips and tricks for Android users:
Most of the people didn’t bother about this but it can be a great thing if you mention in your story about your close friend with whom you chat the most. The other thing is that you can also manage messages while deleting them and release storage from unwanted chats.

·        How to add Whatsapp DP without cropping it?/ Latest WhatsApp tricks 2018 English:
If you want to show a full picture on Whatsapp DP and unable to apply there, you can do it easily while using a simple application WHATSCROP which can be easily available on PlayStore.

·        How to read the deleted message that you received on Whatsapp?/ Whatsapp tricks English
Most of the people want to say something to their loved once but due to hesitation, they further delete that message before you check it. Now, you are excited to know about that deleted message but it may remain secret until they told you. In that case, you can check any of the Whatsapp messages, images and videos after deleted it. You have to visit PlayStore application and download whatsdelete on your device and after confirming details you can read deleted messages easily. The one thing is necessary to do is to enable auto download in your Whatsapp to get the benefit of it.
These are the basic tricks and features that can be useful in day-to-day life and can make you easy to know the truth behind the feature and the procedure to use them in a proper manner.

How to check anyone Whatsapp status without knowing them/ Latest whatsap tricks and tips 2018:
It is the simplest trick that most of the people already knew. To use this trick, you have to visit the privacy setting of the Whatsapp and disable read receipts feature by one click. Now, you are able to check any of the Whatsapp statuses without knowing them.

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