Never Come Back (Real life story of Sanjay Kumar Dey)

(This is real based story of a boy who was missing and didn’t arrive home since 8 years. After reading his personal diary, I found so many poems, stories which you get in this story.)

When I started reading his diary, I found so many English and Bengali poems which directly touches my heart. I never thought that we have lost our brother but the feelings remains in this diary. Every page can reveals the feeling of my brother and I can understand some part of his life. 
About Sanjay Kumar Dey
After completing his education, he was selected for the permanent job of teacher in his locality. With the great talent, he always gets appreciations for the every single work that he has done in his entire life. With so many difficulties in his life, he had got a great position and always makes his focus on the career.
Eight years ago, he was lost and never came back again while in the job. Every single day his mother was waiting for his comeback but nobody knows where he was kidnapped or something wrongly happens to him. With the several investigations, police didn’t found even a single time or didn’t able to trace him.
In a very young age, our brother left us but the hope is inside us that he will come back one day.

Personal Diary
in his personal diary I have found different poems and Stories which was written in English and Hindi as well. I am going to share his personal writing, didn’t know what the situation of his writing but we can only understand the words deeply.

1- Twilight thoughts
My heart beats like an autumn leaf
A cold air pervades all over
My soul is not beside me
As the twilight sets its foot to rest
In the distance the birds return to their homes
Hear a joy in their chirring
Lonely I sit before his vast expanse
Like a hamming pigeon
My heart craves to reach w
Where it belongs
And my dear, it belongs to none but you.

2- Then and now:
You are mine
Physically, mentally, spiritually.
We were one
Body and soul.
Now distance is drawn of many light years.
You seem a marriage 
An illusion, a dream
An unknown demand
In infinite stream.

3- Hope:
Watch in my eyes, what’s inside farces of dreams.
An innocent face
And tears or a tide
What’s there in my mind?
Sweet, sweet memories
Unfelt feelings of love,
If one can find 
What’s there inside my heart?
Irregular heart beats
Hope, just hope of a doll
To give my life a beautiful start.
4- My love:
Her flawing plaints of auburn hair
Have found their way to heart,
Her legs so long and marble white
Carved act of some silver bright.
Her feet’s so shapely, toes so nice
Hips so trendy, waist so slim.
Her belly-bottom shines and shies
Give come hither glances,
Her well set lips have tales to tell
Of hidden treasure of dragging teeth
Her eyes are lovely, dark and deep
Helpless am I in their gaze.

(Request- If anyone find it please send it to the given address, his mom still waiting for him.

Sanjay Kumar dey .c/o Salil Kumar dey.p/o Maibang p/s ..Maibang dist ..Demahasao pin 788831 (Assam))

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