Tiger Zinda Hai!! (Villan is Real Hero)

From the movie Tiger Zinda Hai, our film industry got a new villain, but this villain doesn't belong to India. He is a famous actor of Iran and a good muscular personality. 

When the trailer release most of the people have noticed the person who is challenging the Salman Khan in the movie. He plays a role of terrorist " sargana aabu usmaan", which is the new face of the hindi  film industry.

The name of the actor who is playing villain role is Sajjad Delafruse. who is an Iraq citizen and lives in UAE. The age of the villain is only 33 years, he also involved in several international films. This great man knows different languages but the interesting thing is that he also plays a role of a doctor in Akshay Kumar's film BABY.

 Other than that, he also plays role in JAckey Chain film "Kung Fu Yoga". A role of a rich person makes him popular in that movie.

The Film is going to release on 22 December, those people who are always busy in their work can manage their timings and enjoy the fun! Thriller! Actions! and also Tiger!
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