Smoking Kills! But Nobody Feels!!

As we all knows about smoking that it is dangerous to our health but Nobody wants to quit it.
Do you know that the first cigarette was made which is tobacco free and it was not injurious to our health but many tobacco companies do not accept this and further cigarettes are made with tobacco for more profit.
Now à days, most of the people used to smoke cigarettes as they think that it gives satisfaction to them but there is big difference between addiction and satisfaction. The addiction of cigarettes is so high that the person does not take difference between right or wrong.
And some of them wants to quit it but the environment of that person is that he can't do anything. And regular habit and daily routines can not make him to quit..
Once a person gets edicted he cannot quit easily. It works like a slow poison..
Many of them wants to quit it but they don't know how to quit??
It is so difficult to quit smoking, as the person have to go out of that environment to remove that habit.. his mind should be clear about his decision of quit smoking so that in future if anybody force him he will not start again..
Once a person quit it they will automatically know the difference between what is right or wrong for them..
"Quit smoking until life quits you and smashed everything from you"
Thank you                        ®RISHABH BALUNI 
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