Last night I thought about human life and I noticed that most of us are just following the others. And our dreams are just ending because we are not giving too much importance to our dreams.
And then most of us are hoping to get our dreams from our family person's. But it is not possible as we all are having different dreams. 
On the other hand, if we talk about those people's who does not have even money to fulfill their basic needs, what about their dreams?? Aren't they are dreaming?? Or they doesn't have right to dream?? 

The difference among them are that one of them just loose their hope and leaving their dreams and the other doesn't have facilities to fulfill them.

'The best feeling in life is to get the feeling of sucess'
Is it not our responsibility to help them??
Just think if you help any one of them who has the same dream as you, you will feel so happy as your dream is just fulfilled by someone else. And believe me you will be more happier than that person.. 
It is the best way to help someone and to be a part of development of our country.
Jai Shree Raam!!
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